Welcome Back, Cadets!

It’s going to be another exciting & event-filled school year (2019-2020)!  If you have never visited this webpage, then take the time to “look-around”. We try to keep this page relevant & current. If you know of something that you’d like us to add, let us know (there are limitations to what we can post […]

Regimental Staff (2019-2020)

Cadet Battalion Commander: C/LTC Carter Hatton Cadet Battalion Executive Officer (XO): C/MAJ Jordan Milton Cadet Battalion Sergeant Major: C/CSM Jeffrey Spangler Cadet Battalion Adjutant (S1): C/CPT Madaline Strickland Cadet Battalion Security Officer (S2): C/MAJ Stephen Kirk Cadet Battalion Training & Operations Officer (S3): C/MAJ Stephen Kirk Cadet Battalion Logistics Officer (S4): C/CPT Madaline Strickland Cadet […]