LET-4 Page (The Managing Leader)

This page is intended for use by LET-4 Cadets.

Syllabus & Class Schedule:

The LET-4 curriculum is broken down into four (4) 9-week grading periods:

  • Fall 1st 9-Weeks (F-1):  Leadership Theory & Application (learning how a Battalion Staff operates).
  • Fall 2nd 9-Weeks (F-2):  American History & Government.
  • Spring 1st 9-Weeks (S-1):  Service to the Nation (our Military Services).
  • Spring 2nd 9-Weeks (S-2):  Life After High School.

The LET-4 curriculum utilizes the following Chapters of the new LET-4 Textbooks:

  • Chapter 1:  Leadership.
  • Chapter 2:  Personal Growth & Behaviors.
  • Chapter 3:  Team Building.
  • Chapter 4:  Service Learning.
  • Chapter 5:  Citizenship & Government.  Also includes Lessons from Chapter 5 of Unit 5 (Electives).
  • Unit 1 / Chapter 2 (old textbook):  Service to the Nation (includes all military services.